Welcome To SUPA

Shahjalal University Photographers’ Association – SUPA is one of the most prominent organizations in Shahjalal University of Science & Technology, Sylhet.

‘Photography for mankind with artistry’


  • Contemplate Photography for Serving Humanity with Artistry.




1. Representing SUST & Bangladesh with Photography.
2. Facilitating hidden talents in Photography sector.
3. Work for society and humanity development through photography.


1. Launched Project “Humans of SUST.”
2. Arranged Events on “100 Portraits” in SUST Campus in 2015.
3. Arranged National Exhibition ‘INQUEST INSIGHT’ for First Time in 2015.
4. Arranged Intra-SUST Exhibition ‘HIRAETH’ for First Time in 2017.
5. Arranging International Exhibition ‘INQUEST INSIGHT’ for First Time in 2018.

Who We Are?

SUPA is the first University Level Photography Organizations in Bangladesh. ‘Photography for Mankind with Artistry’ – by signifying and following this slogan, SUPA started its Journey.

What We Do?

SUPA organizes different Exhibitions, Courses, Seminars, Photo-Adda, Photo-Walk, Publishes Magazine etc. ‘INQUEST INSIGHT’ is the name of International Exhibition organized by SUPA.

Our Works

Click on ‘Our Photographs’ to see the photographs taken by our passionate photographers of SUPA. Our photographs have been exhibited & awarded time to time.

Get in Touch

SUPA is constantly trying to improve its competency & capability. If you have any feedback for us or if you need any assistance, please let us know. We’re eagerly waiting for you.

Our Activities

Photography Course

We offer different types of Photography courses such as Basic Photography Course, Advance Photography Course.


We arrange Photo-Walk to near distant areas to learn & experience photography in real life.


We sit together on Weekdays & arrange an Adda between Photographers from SUST & Sylhet.


SUPA arranges different kind of Workshops related to Photography which enriches our knowledge.

Campus Based Exhibition

SUPA arranges SUST Based exhibition named ‘HIRAETH’. The first season took place in 2017.

International Exhibition

SUPA arranged National Exhibition ‘INQUEST INSIGHT’ for two seasons. The third season is going to be International.

5000+ Photographs
400+ Exhibited
100+ Awards Won

Core Executive Members

Prova Mehedi Joy

Prova Mehedi Joy

Shohely Islam Popy

Shohely Islam Popy

Vice President
Sabit Chowdhory

Sabit Chowdhory

General Secretary