Viewfinder’s 8th edition needs your articles.

Shahjalal University Photographers’ Association (SUPA) has been publishing “Viewfinder-A Contemporary Photography Magazine” starting on the year 2000. Since then 7 editions have been published.
Now, Shahjalal University Photographers’ Association is delighted to announce that the 8th Edition of Viewfinder is in the works and will be published this year. This one will be our 24 Years Special Edition.

To see your content on “Viewfinder – 8th Edition”, mail your article to with the subject “Viewfinder Submission”

Below are some suggested topics for your article:

  1. Impact of photography in the present world or in your life.
  2. Your style of photography.
  3. Your favorite category of photography.
  4. Mobile photography.
  5. Story of your first photography device.
  6. Philosophy that chased you become a photographer.
  7. Technical Information: Discussion of lighting, exposure, framing, filters, setup etc.
  8. Experience of your favorite photo tour.
  9. Equipment Reviews and Techniques.
  10. Photography as a profession in the context of Bangladesh.
  11. Biography of your favorite photographer.
  12. Stories behind the photographs.

Please note

  • Articles should be authentic, plagiarized articles will be discarded.
  • Article should be submitted both in pdf and doc format. (2 formats of the same file should be submitted)
  • The preferred length of an article is 500 to 1000 words.
  • Include personal details (e.g.Name_Occupation_Institution) at the end of your pdf and doc filenames.
  • Please rename your pdf file as following (Your Name_Mobile No.) Example: Pranto Roy_01711123456.pdf
  • Anyone can submit articles for viewfinder; there is no eligibility restrictions
  • Last date of submission : 16 August 2020

President: Shohan Ur Rahman – 01521215392
Convener: Pranto Roy – 01798298168